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About Us About Us was started in 2006 by a die-hard car enthusiast who recognized a lack of complete, comprehensive car repair manuals on the market. Though you can find secondary, vague, general fix-it guides elsewhere, Jack Hanley knew from experience that this wasn't good enough – the lay mechanic needs a one-stop repair manual he can trust with all the information he needs in one place, specifically tailored to his own make, model and year of car.

Unlike other guides on the market, has a license agreement with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler to reproduce the companies' own original car repair manuals for the public. This allows us to offer the exact reproductions of the original factory manuals at the highest quality direct from the source. All the information you need is right here.

Headquartered in Orange, CA, is able to reach mechanics everywhere through our easy online order form. We are the only company that offers these original car repair manuals in digital form, so you can download it instantly and have it available with no wait. If you want to own a hard copy, you also have the option of having the CD shipped to you the next business day. Furthermore, we are proud to now offer original owner's manuals, as well, for those who may have lost theirs somewhere in translation!

As a small company owned and operated by car lovers, we can happily guarantee prompt, reliable customer service. We understand the joys of operating on your vehicle, so we want to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it. Unlike a larger company, you'll speak directly to us if you encounter any questions or concerns, with no wait and no hassle.

We hope to provide the only car repair manual you'll ever need, so please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions whatsoever! Happy tinkering! See below for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

About the Owner
Jack Hanley has always been into cars. But when he was a teenager his father wouldn't let him touch any of his because they were too "nice," so young Jack would stare longingly into the garage and wait for the day when he could call one his very own. When the day came that he finally got his special "one," it was a '65 Mustang and he was 14 years old. The car was used and in pretty rough shape, so he took to the garage to fix it himself. What he found was that, for someone like himself who had no experience fixing cars, only a strong desire to learn, there was no appropriate fix-it guide available. There were some manuals out there but the quality he needed was just not there.

His experience over the years searching through guide after guide inspired him to start this company,, in order to provide the one-stop resource for DIY car guys like himself. Now he is able to offer hundreds of specific manuals in different formats, and using these himself, he is able to tackle just about any project he tries. Since that golden day when he got his first car, he's had classic cars ranging from '32 Fords to '56 Chevys and a beautiful '66 Mustang, just to name a few. If anyone has had a classic car, they know there is always something to work on, and having the right information cannot be underestimated.


1. What exactly does sell?
We offer two distinct products, original, factory-released car repair manuals (located under the Digital Repair Manuals tab) and original reproductions of owner's manuals (located in the Owner's Manuals tab).

2. What formats are the manuals available in?
The car repair manuals are available as an instant digital download, or to be shipped the next business day as a CD. The owner's manuals are only available on CD to be shipped the next business day.

3. For the car repair manuals, what format do you recommend?
The great thing about the digital download, which no one else is able to offer, is that if you have a pressing repair question, you can access the manual right away with no wait. Everyone else who offers manuals on CD requires around a week for the order to be processed and shipped out. With, once you pay for the manual online, you have the ability to download the files immediately, and when the download is complete you can open up the files and get to work on that project immediately. Another great aspect is that you can use the search feature on your document to search for a specific part. For example, you can search for "brakes" and the document will pull up every time the word "brakes" is used in the entire manual! This is so useful. You can also print out a section or the entire book, or reprint a section if the pages get dirty from the work.

If you choose the CD, you have the same features as the digital download but you also have the information physically stored on disc.

And some people prefer printing out the hard copy of the manual so they can have it in front of them and flip through actual pages. Each way has its own benefits, and it is really what you prefer.

3. What is included in the car repair manuals?
Each car manufacturer's repair guide will be different because the information pertains specifically to how they made their cars, and it is even specifically geared toward makes and models of a particular year. But in general, these car repair manuals contain about 800 pages of step-by-step instructions for repair with detailed, labeled images for easy understanding. Information is organized by section of the vehicle, so you will know where to find what you need. They are written in easy to understand language, and also include great tips like recommended tools, lists of replacement parts, vehicle codes and explanations for parts.

4. Will you have the car repair manual I need for my car?
You can search our database for your vehicle type or browse the sidebars to find your model. We carry car repair manuals for all major American-made vehicles up until the year 1990.

5. How are you able to offer the original manuals from the car manufacturers if you are a third party company?
We have a license agreement with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler that gives us the legal right to reproduce their original material.

6. What kind of customer service does offer?
We offer the best customer service possible. We take great pride in our product and want to ensure you have the best experience available to you. We want you to be able to get the information you need and get right to work on the project you are ready to tackle. We know this is important because we have been locked in the garage with the go get'em attitude, just needing that vital step-by-step guide to get the job done. So we will work to make sure you have everything you need to accomplish your repair goals.

7. What is your privacy policy?
We have a strict privacy policy. We do not store any customer's sensitive material. We only keep a customer's name, address, and previous orders. You can log in to your account and see all the information we have. We have never and will never share any customer information under any circumstances. Period.

8. What does shipping and handling cost?
The Instant Download Option is free. There is no shipping or handling charge associated with this. For a hard copy disc, the charge is only a $3.99 flat rate. Whether it is 1 or 20 manuals being shipped, the $3.99 shipping rate is still the same.

9. How long does a manual usually take to ship?
The manuals are usually shipped out the next day or Monday if the order is processed on the weekend.

10. Why should someone consider shopping with
We offer a high quality product with a focus on customer service, and unlike other companies we offer the original, factory-authored repair manuals as an instant digital download. We want to make sure the customer can get that great feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a fix-it project, and having the right information is an essential part of getting it done right. As automobile enthusiasts ourselves, we know there's no better feeling than driving around in or showing off a car you worked on yourself. We just want to help you get there.


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